Chilling footage shows ‘police beating orphaned women and dragging them by hair’

Footage that appears to show orphaned girls and women in Saudi Arabia being brutally beaten and dragged about by their hair by men dressed similarly to police has sparked outrage.

The video is thought to have been taken in the courtyard of the Social Education House for Girls orphanage in Khamis Mushait in the Asir Province, with the men both in khakis and plain clothes, seen taking part in the abuse.

One woman can be seen being dragged to the floor by her hair before she is beaten with a whip.

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Others were chased around the courtyard by the men, the footage appears to show.

At the time of writing, there is no clear information available as to why the violence took place.

The video went viral on Tuesday (August 30)

Sharing the video on its official Twitter account, ALQST for Human Rights, said: “Distressing footage from Khamis Mushait orphanage showing security forces and masked men storming the site and assaulting girls who were protesting their conditions.”

The human rights campaign organisation continued: “The #Saudi authorities must open an investigation and hold the perpetrators accountable.”

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Unverified information from the original poster of the video said the attacks had come after the woman conducted a strike against their poor living conditions, being kept in the orphanage despite now being adults,

The investigation is now being handed over to a “competent authority, said Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz, the governor of the Asir Province where the orphanage is located, on Wednesday (August 31).

The European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights said: “Despite the announcement by the governor of the Asir region to open an investigation into the incident, it is not possible to trust that the violators will be held accountable in light of the flaws in the judicial system and the lack of effective accountability.

“Several battered women have previously reported similar violations in official institutions, including care homes, and the violators have not been held accountable”.


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