China and Pakistan pen new military deal as tensions with India reach breaking point

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The deal struck between India’s neighbours comes as the nation is locked in a heated border dispute with China in Ladakh. It could add more strain to the relationship with China also backing Nepal in its territorial dispute with India in Kalapani.

General Wei Fenghe, China’s defence minister, met Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Chinese state media reports how Gen Wei urged both nations to “push the military-to-military relationship to a higher level”.

He said this will “firmly safeguard the sovereignty and security interests of the two countries and safeguard the regional peace and stability”.

President Alvi “firmly supports China’s stand on issues related to the South China Sea, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet and so on”, according to Chinese state media.

The meeting followed a visit to Nepal where Gen Wei offered his support for Nepal against India.

According to The Communist Party-run Global Times, Gen. Wei said: “China firmly supports Nepal to safeguard its national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The situation between India and China on the long-disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh has been a source of major tension.

The conflict has long roots as the countries first went to war over the boundary in 1962 but despite multiple negotiations, there has been no lasting resolution.

The 1962 truce introduced a 2,100-mile-long stretch of Himalayan land between the countries and no official border has been negotiated.

In June, 20 Indian soldiers died when a hand-to-hand battle erupted on the steep slopes.

In October, India captured a Chinese soldier after he strayed across the LAC.

Russia has called for a deescalation of the seven-month long standoff over fears it could destabilise the region.

India has also gifted Myanmar a submarine to develop their relationship while countering China’s influence in the area.

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Last month, it was revealed China has built a road on the eastern side of the disputed Doklam plateau in Bhutan.

A tweet, which also showed four photos of a village and its map, was later deleted.

Bhutan denied the existence of a Chinese enclave within its borders.

Satellite images obtained by New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) revealed the road which expands around nine kilometres into Bhutanese domain. As well as the road, China had previously built a village more than two kilometres into Bhutanese land.

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