China ends coronavirus lockdown after three-month quarantine with no new cases

China has lifted its coronavirus lockdown in the province of Hubei, the epicentre of the outbreak.

It will end restrictions on movement in most areas of the province tomorrow for citizens who get clearance.

Restrictions on the hardest-hit city of Wuhan will remain until April 8.

China barred people from leaving or entering Wuhan and the wider province on January 23 as COVID-19 began spreading to the rest of the country and overseas during the Lunar New Year holiday, when many Chinese travel.

Hubei has had almost no new infections for more than a week.

However, the claims have disputed by residents and analysts – with some hospitals refusing to test for the virus and rumours spreading of unreported cases.

All residents will still need the “Green Code” in order to travel, a health monitoring software that appears to send data to police and determines whether an individual can be quarantined.

The end of the lockdown comes after the government eased restrictions on movement.

On Monday, small groups of Wuhan residents were allowed to go to shops and walk along the streets for the first time in weeks.

Over the weekend, more than 1,000 workers from elsewhere in the province got a train into the city for work.

Wuhan and other neighbouring cities were put into strict lockdown on January 23.

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Two months later, Italy announced similar measures across the entire country.

And last night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an effective lockdown across the UK – with the death toll now at 335.

People may now only leave the house to exercise once a day, to travel to and from work where “absolutely necessary”, to shop for essential items, or to carry out medical work or care.

Shops selling non-essential goods have been told to shut and public gatherings of more than two people will be dispersed.

If citizens do not follow the rules police will have the power to enforce them, Johnson warned.

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