Chippy owner tells man to ‘stick unbuttered sausage up his ar*e’ after review

A merciless chippy owner has been praised for offering "service with a scowl" after hitting back at negative reviews online.

The chip shop went viral after a Twitter user shared owner Gary Moss' no-nonsense replies to "disgruntled customers" on Tuesday.

When disgruntled Kyle Cullen complained that the chippy refused to serve him a battered sausage online, Gary mocked his spelling and told him to "go back to school, you drop-out," claiming they only had plain sausages and were busy.

He then told the reviewer he could "stick his unbattered sausage right up his a***" and hit back at claims of "appalling customer service" by explaining he responded to "f***s like you within four hours".

The exchange has racked up more than 17,000 retweets.

Reviewer Kyle Cullen wrote: "Found the customer services appealing. We wanted bater [sic] sausages and was out right [sic] told they would not do that."

Gary has defended his outbursts as "justified", claiming he was just "standing up for himself" against reviews, insisting he doesn't have an anger problem and that he's actually a "very laid back man".

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The shop owner from Windermere, Cumbria, said: "I just don't stand for it. I don't mind giving abuse when they deserve it. I will insult them. I don't go swearing at old women and stuff or swearing in front of kids.

"I think comments like that one are rude and insulting – even when they don't realise. I think a one-star review is insulting if it's not justified. I'm sticking up for myself.

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"They'll leave a one-star review when you know it's not justified, and sometimes they'll belittle you and use clever language. They might not swear but they're doing equally worse things to my replies.

"[Kyle] didn't say anything in the shop. He asked 'oh you can't batter a sausage?' and off he went. If I had time to do it I'd have done it.

"I was too busy and there was a queue of people behind so he'll have known I was busy. It might seem a simple thing but sometimes you're too busy to do anything else than the simple menu."

He added: "I reacted like that because there's no need for that one-star review. I don't have an anger problem. I'm a very laid back, calm person. It just gets under my skin."

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