Claudia Lawrence’s pal ‘abandons all hope’ of finding out what happened to her

A close friend of Claudia Lawrence has said she doesn't "hold out any hope" of finding out what happened to her pal.

Police believe Ms Lawrence – who lived in the Heworth area of York and worked at York University – was murdered, although no body has ever been found.

It came after a lake was drained for clues in the latest search for evidence into the suspected murder.

She was last seen on March 18 2009. North Yorkshire Police has conducted two investigations and questioned nine people in relation to her disappearance and suspected murder, but no charges have ever been brought.

And now close pal Jen King, 36, says she lives "constantly in a state of unresolved grief" following the disappearance of her friend, who she lived just yards away from.

Speaking to MailOnline, the digital marketer said: "In all likelihood, someone out there knows what happened but I don't hold out any hope of them coming forward having got away with it for this long.

"Someone has either been incredibly clever or incredibly lucky and I hold onto the hope that one day their luck runs out.

"I live constantly in a state of unresolved grief. You wonder 'is she dead 'and the next thought is 'I don't want her to be dead' and that's how it goes on.

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"You find yourself running through all kinds of scenarios. Did she do it to herself? Was she injured accidentally and not found?

"Each one is as unbelievable as the next, but your friend suddenly going missing for 12 years is unbelievable in itself."

It comes following the news that police probing the 2009 disappearance of Claudia have drained a lake in a search for clues.

Drone footage shows six specialist officers in a line on their knees doing a fingertip examination of the lake’s bed, eight miles away from chef Claudia’s home.

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The fire service dropped off pumps last week for police to use at the popular angling site. The smaller of the two lakes has now been left empty.

Claudia’s mum Joan told how she is now suffering “awful nightmares” as the search intensifies.

She has “begged” anyone who knows of links between the lakes and the disappearance of her daughter to come forward.

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Joan, 78, who lives 20 minutes away from the scene, told the Mirror: “As a mum, hearing about a lake being drained and a fingertip search being carried is just a nightmare.

“No parent should ever have to endure this. I’m left wondering every day what is going on and what might be found.

“Would it be her rucksack, her phone or anything at all?”

Ms Lawrence’s father, Peter, died earlier this year without ever finding out what happened to his daughter.

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He had campaigned tirelessly to get answers to the puzzle of her disappearance and spent years arguing for what became the Guardianship (Missing Persons) Bill – also known as Claudia’s Law – which allows relatives to take control of their missing loved ones’ financial matters.

North Yorkshire Police said it has been probing “a number of emerging lines” of inquiry after receiving new information.

The force added the operation will continue for a “number of days”.

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