Concern as takeaway with 2-star hygiene rating leaves raw meat on pavement

A Chinese takeaway was forced to respond to concerns about its hygiene after passers-by noticed raw meat in bowls left on the pavement outside the takeaway.

The Dragon Wonder takeaway on High Street, Hucknall, is the takeaway in question – with the raw meat in bowls spotted on Wednesday, July 20.

The takeaway has a two-star hygiene rating according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), which says that food handling and management of food safety at the eatery is "generally satisfactory" but "improvement is necessary" for the cleanliness and the condition of the building – which is situated in Nottinghamshire.

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Kim Wong, an employee at the takeaway, fielded the complaints from the witnesses and while speaking to Nottinghamshire Live, explained what had exactly ensued regarding the raw meat.

"This is a long story. This food would usually be kept in the kitchen and what is happening is the new staff put the meat outside," she said.

"That meat is not going to be used. Over the last few days it has been hot and so the meat has a smell.

"We had a problem over the two days while it was very hot and warm and that meat was for the bin."

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According to Ms Wong, confusion may have played a part in the ordeal as one of the takeaway employees speaks Mandarin and when asked by a fellow colleague to take the meat outside to the bin – the employee may have misunderstood.

This employee no longer works for the takeaway and when speaking about the two-star hygiene rating, Ms Wong blamed it on the fact that "it's an old building". And while she admitted a lot of money would have to spent to improve the premises, she maintained the fact that the "food is okay".


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