Couple living next to golf course sue over ball bombardment and win millions

A couple has successfully sued a golf course near to their dream home after being bombarded with hundreds of balls over four years.

Erik and Athina Tenczar bought their dream home in Massachusetts, America, for £588,682 ($750,000) thinking it would be a great place to raise their three young children.

But since moving into the property, they have had to pick up nearly 700 balls, suffered broken windows, dented sidings and gunshot-sounding golf balls from a nearby golf course that's turning their home into a "nightmare".

Ball bombardments became so bad that the family built a partition to shield a small section of their deck from flying objects.

The couple decided to follow up with legal action against the neighbouring Indian Pond Country Club for trespass over the continual bombardment.

In December, a jury at Plymouth Superior Court granted the family a hefty £2.7million ($3.5million) in damages for emotional and mental suffering following a six-day trial, and after interest, the awarded sum ended up being a stunning £3.8million ($4.9million).

Erik Tenczar, 43, speaking to The Boston Globe, said: "We're always on edge. It's been emotionally taxing on us."

One reported incident claims that a golf ball shattered the glass window of a playroom, causing shards of glass to cover the children's toys, while another recent incident reports a deck railing being knocked out.

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Athina Tenczar, 36, said: "Honestly, if you have all these houses on a course, I assumed it was safe."

The family say they tried calling the country club and received little response, and were told by law enforcement that there was little cops could do beside calling the club.

They then decided to sue the club, hiring lawyer Bob Galvin, who said: "They bought what they thought was their dream house, and it became a nightmare for them."

Lawyers for the country club are said to be planning an appeal, and no golf balls have been reported on the Tenczar property in months after adjustments were made to the 15th hole, The Sun reports.

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