Couple ‘lucky to be alive’ as selfie shows how close lightning came to them

A woman has warned people about the dangers of lightning after being pictured inches away from a lightning strike.

Sophie Pass and her partner Richard were holidaying over the weekend by the Lochs of north Scotland when a selfie showed Sophie's hair raising due to static electricity, Edinburgh Live reports.

The presence of static electricity in the air means lightning is about to strike nearby.

Thankfully the couple avoided a bolt of God-sent electricity carrying thousands of watts after rushing straight to their car.

But they reflected later just how close they came to what might have been deadly.

Sophie said: "Whilst on holiday, we had an amazing day up in north Scotland wild swimming.

"The water was calm, a breeze to keep the midges away, a good combination of sun and light cloud, stunning wildlife and scenery – just perfect conditions!

"After finishing our swim, we decided to go for a stroll around the Loch to finish off the day, which is a perfect spot for a selfie with such amazing views."

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She added they were left completely in the dark about just how threatening the situation was.

Sophie added: "Due to the screen brightness/distance we had not idea when taking this picture how much danger we were actually in."

"About a minute or so after this photo, Richard noticed that my hair was completely standing on end.

"I couldn’t feel a thing, and it was only then that I noticed his hair was also on end.

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"Our gut instinct and our high school-level physics however made us suspect this probably really wasn’t a good thing and we were in a bit of a dangerous situation, so quickly headed back to our car.

"It was only when in the car that we looked at the selfie and noticed it was already happening at that stage.

"After some Googling, we have a very good idea of how unbelievably lucky we both are to still be here and safe – along with everybody else on the beach."

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Clever observers said though a death-defying selfie like Sophie's may seem like a thrill, you're better off seeking shelter and low ground as soon as possible.

Just this year 9-year-old Jordan Banks died after being struck by lightning on a football pitch in Blackpool.

The lad's vital organs, which were donated for science, have now saved three others.

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