Covid-19 Delta outbreak: ‘Complete carnage’ – reports of huge gathering in West Auckland

Police have dispersed a gathering ofgang members who assembled in West Auckland for a funeral – in violation of alert level 3 rules.

Patched gang members were seen doing burnouts on their motorbikes as they accompanied a hearse.

They defied level 3 rules specifying that only 10 people can attend a funeral.

A member of the public reported the “complete carnage” unfolding in Lincoln Rd earlier today.

“A hearse drove past with 50 full cars behind it and patched gang members hanging out the cars to gangster music in Te Atatu Peninsula and Henderson.”

She added: “There is no way this virus is containable.”

Police confirmed to the Herald they had responded to reports from members of the public about people gathering at a Henderson funeral home on Paramount Drive.

“Those gathered were spoken to and reminded about the rules at alert level 3,” police said.

Those gathered were “compliant” with police and moved on to another location.

“However, police now understand there are some groups that are gathering in various locations in West Auckland.

“Police will be monitoring this situation and will be responding to any reports of gatherings.

“As part of this, members of the public are asked to report any instances of gatherings or traffic offending complaints to police to be investigated.

A member of the public said the incident started late this morning.

“We just think it’s a bit of a joke.”

The funeral took place at Waikumete Cemetery, where security guards were based at 4.30pm. The police Eagle helicopter has been continuing to circle the area.

“They have been on a one and a half hour procession around Te Atatu Peninsula, cars full of gang members in each car, obviously through Henderson and now the cemetery.

“Would you mind asking the Prime Minister what the deal is, as she keeps protecting the gangs, they are the ones blatantly not sticking to the rules and spreading the virus.

“Time for some tough love?”

The highly contagious Delta variant of Covid-19 is “seated” in Auckland’s gang communities and among rough sleepers, MPs were told on Wednesday.

“If we think about the current outbreak, how it seems to have seated itself in a gang environment and the homeless, these are people that are less likely to be trusting of the health system,” Pacific health director Gerardine Clifford-Lidstone said at a select committee briefing.

Last week it was revealed a Hells Angels prospect had contracted Covid-19, the third gang in Auckland affected by the virus.

The positive test followed a patched member of Black Power becoming infected and spreading it to children living in his home just outside Kaiaua on the Hauraki Plains.

The tiny settlement was subject to a Section 70 order imposed by director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield which forced residents into a snap lockdown.

Health officials earlier revealed several members of the Mongrel Mob had also caught the virus, with those living at a South Auckland gang pad forced into isolation.

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