Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Person on Waiheke Island tests positive – board chair

A person on Waiheke Island has tested positive for Covid, local board chair Cath Handley says.

The Herald has approached the Ministry of Health for comment and is awaiting a response.

Handley told the Herald this was of “great significance” as Waiheke Island was a small community of less than 10,000 which meant it could spread very quickly.

“That is why I was keen to get this information out quickly so people can protect themselves.”

She said she couldn’t reveal her source but said it came from an official health authority and was “extremely confident” that all information she had shared was correct.

In a post on Facebook, Handley said: “You may have heard that Waiheke has a positive case of Covid-19. For most of us that will be a shock, but perhaps not a surprise. I can confirm that I know there is one confirmed case and that it’s not a rumour.”

She couldn’t provide any further information until details had been provided to via the ministry, Auckland District Health Board or Waiheke Medical Centre.

“I’m writing now because all over the island people are talking about this to each other, and much of that is speculation about who, how many and where they live.”

Handley said most speculation would be inaccurate and could be “really harmful” to others in the community.

“Please don’t pass on rumours of that nature that you’ve heard.”

She urged the community to be mindful of each other and not to elevate anxieties for people who were loved and respected.

“In particular please let’s watch out for the needs of children around us, as they need safety and good Covid protocols, but not to be fearful,” Handley said.

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