Creepy doll with bleeding eyes found by urban explorer in abandoned hospital

A creepy-looking doll with 'bleeding eyes' was found by an urban explorer who explored an abandoned building.

Kyle Urbex, a 26-year-old photographer, had the shock of his life as he was exploring the former East Fortune Hospital which is now a run-down building in Scotland, which has remained empty since 1997.

When entering the former hospital, Urbex spoke of a "eerie" feeling when spotting disused bed frames and old mattresses scattered across the floors of the dilapidated building.

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However, things turned from bad to worse for Kyle after he spotted a blonde-haired doll with purple-coloured bleeding eyes that was placed on a chair.

After speaking to The Daily Record, Kyle said: "Although the building was fire damaged it still had an eerie feeling when I stepped inside. Like any former hospital, it can be creepy exploring it alone".

“Nothing was to prepare me for the creepy doll I came across with its eyes spray painted in a deep dark purple. It was most certainly the creepiest thing I would expect to find in a decaying hospital.”

Kyle spent two hours exploring the building where he found beds still in decent condition with chairs next to them, which is where family members would have sat to visit patients.

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The experienced explorer said the former hospital would definitely be one of the top places he's explored within the country.

The East Fortune Hospital was previously used as a tuberculosis sanatorium until the Second World War and after the end of the war, the hospital began to house mental health patients.

Despite Kyle's exploration, Police Scotland were forced to issue a warning of the dangers of the site in 2017, with the building believed to contain asbestos as well as the issue of young people exploring the ruins.


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