Creepy spy camera found hidden inside cat food box by ‘scared’ couple

A spy camera was found slyly fitted inside cat food packaging by a Co-op customer once he got home.

A man has launched his own investigation into a tampered multipack box of Purina Gourmet he bought from a south London shop.

The cat lover who had bought the posh grub for his pets Lilliput and Goliath, explained his girlfriend made the bizarre discovery when opening it up to feed the pair.

Inside the box was a camera and transmitter, claims the couple who have since tried to figure out why anyone would want footage from cat food sold at a Co-op franchisee.

The man who wants to remain anonymous explained the camera's lens was hidden in the packaging had been opened but then sealed shut again.

He picked up the box at his local Welcome store, a franchise of the Co-op, who say they are 'concerned' about the camera, the Mirror reports.

The man said: "Yesterday evening my girlfriend was getting it out of the cupboard and she was like, 'what is this?' At first we couldn't figure out what it was, then we realised there was clearly a camera coming out the cat's head.

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"It's kinda thrown us really.

"I went back and looked at where that shelf was, where the cat food would have been, and most of that rack faces a bunch of bottled water but it kinda faces into a stock room area."

The man said that his investigation left him considering three different scenarios.

First, the camera was placed in the Purina factory, secondly, it was used by the Co-op to keep an eye on their staff, or a member of the public could have planted it for their own nefarious reasons.

He added: "We were kinda scared of it, I'm keeping it because I think it's cool, it's in the cupboard facing the wall at the minute."

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A spokesperson for Welcome Central Hill said: "We are extremely concerned by this and grateful that it has been brought to our attention.

"The cat food is located opposite the door to our office so it could be a serious security issue.

"We would invite the customer to talk to us directly so we can investigate this further and, if necessary, speak to the police."

A spokesperson for Purina said: "I can confirm that we know of no reason why a camera would be found inside a box of our cat food."

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