Criminal whose ‘wide neck mugshot’ went viral arrested again for stalking

A bloke with one of the widest necks you'll ever see has been arrested for stalking, four years after his astonishing mugshot went viral.

Charles “Wide Neck” McDowell was arrested in 2018 for fleeing/eluding police, and drug charges relating to methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana, which is when his mugshot first spread across the internet.

His very wide neck became a talking point, and he managed to launch a rap career off the back of it.

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But he now finds himself in trouble with the law for two far more sinister charges.

He now faces two charges, one for aggravated stalking and another for withholding support for a child or spouse.

After his first arrest, and subsequent viral fame, he shot to fame and amassed a whopping one million Instagram followers.

He became part of the Shrimp Gang, a collection of online celebrities, and recorded a music video with fellow neck meme internet star, “Daddy Long Neck.”

Ironically, his Instagram bio says that he “ain't ever going back to that life”, which is presumably about going back to prison.

He is currently being held without bond, and his mugshot has once again gone viral – causing another surge in comments . . . and terrible puns.

One person wrote: “Jeesh.. if I had a neckle for every time this guy's been arrested.”

And another posted: “Glad he don’t live in my neck of the woods.”

A third wrote: “There may not be another neck time for him.

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“Hopefully they won't try to connect his neck-bone to his thigh bone where he's going.

“He may require a neck brace though.”

A trial for the long-necked man has not yet been set, and he has also not been given any chance of bail due to his pervious charges.

It does appear, however, that his lawyer might not stick his neck out for him this time…

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