Crown rests case in Matthew Percy sexual assault trial

Warning: This article contains graphic content. Discretion is advised.

The Crown rested its case against Matthew Albert Percy on Monday.

The former Saint Mary’s University groundskeeper accused of sexually assaulting a woman at Dalhousie University residence on Dec. 6, 2014, sat quietly as court broke for the day.

Percy has pleaded not guilty to a charge of sexual assault causing bodily harm and the trial is being heard by judge alone in Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

The complainant’s identity is protected by a publication ban.

Monday saw Crown attorney Rick Woodburn and Defence lawyer Peter Planetta present arguments about whether questions put to the complainant during redirect were permissible.

A decision from judge Joshua M. Arnold on whether the answers from the complainant will be considered as evidence in the judge’s decision will be handed down on Tuesday.

Planetta will also have the opportunity to present his version of events when court resumes. He could also choose to not call any witnesses and let the Crown’s arguments stand on their own.

Complainant’s testimony

The complainant testified last week that she was 19 when she met Percy after partying at Cheers, a bar that existed at the time in The Dome, a multi-level nightclub in downtown Halifax.

She said Percy invited her to get poutine at a nearby take-out restaurant, only for them to stop at the nearby Toothy Moose bar for a drink before getting the food.

The complainant testified that she did not remember the trip, but that the pair eventually ended up at her Dalhousie residence on LeMarchant Street.

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