Crying teen exposes inbred ‘hillbilly’ family where dad traded rape for beer

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A century-long run of inbreeding in one family has been revealed by a relative who provided crucial evidence in a court case that saw 15 men and one woman charged with incest and sexual abuse.

Donna Goler spoke of the harrowing experiences she had in the Canadian-based family, which she was taken away from aged 11.

The dozen arrests saw the family referred to as a "hillbilly sex ring" by the community and one prosecutor compared the family, who are alleged to have abused hundreds of children, to "something out of the movie Deliverance".

Donna has since exposed her disturbing experiences in the family, stating that she was "raped and it was by my father" at the age of five near Wolfville, Canada.

In an article published by the Ottawa Citizen in May 1986, it was said that "a wave of anger and backlash swept through Kings County" and "community backlash was so severe".

Donna, who revealed her harrowing story in the hopes other children will be prevented from mistreatment, spoke of the disgusting abuse the family is said to have condoned for 120 years.

She said: "The first time I can remember I was five, just going on six, because I had just graduated from Kindergarten going into grade one […] I came home and that was the first time I had been raped and it was by my father.

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"I]f somebody wanted to have sex with one of his kids he would let them for a case of beer or a carton of cigarettes, or even a pack of cigarettes […]

"They got to pick out whichever child they wanted to have sex with.

"We had nothing to say, we couldn't prevent it, we couldn't stop them. We were basically lined up against the wall and they chose the one they wanted and we were forced to do it."

Jim Sacouman, a sociologist of Acadia University in 1986, believed that the manuscripts presented during the trial showed that "inter-family relations were prevalent" as early as 1860, Ranker reported.

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Members of the family were reportedly unaware of the legal system which trialled them for their crimes, with one member of the family unsure of what "incest" meant.

In total, 16 family members were arrested with 13 ultimately jailed for various terms up to seven years.

Legal standings in Canada over incest trials can lead to a minimum imprisonment of five years for individuals who have knowingly committed incest with a blood relative.

Strict Canadian laws also note that the offence carries a maximum sentence of 14 years, and if the victim is under the age of 16, the sentence must have a minimum punishment of five years.

The Goler family isn't the only Deliverance-like inbreeding case, with Daily Star reporting on the 'squealing' Whittaker family, America's "most famous inbred family".

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