Dad mailed his finger to ex-wife before killing his daughter and her husband

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A sick father who executed his daughter and her husband had previously cut off his own finger and sent it to her mother in the post.

Osman Shaptafaj was described as a "monster" after ending the lives of his daughter Lindita Musai, 25, and her husband Veton, 29 because he felt disrespected that they hadn't told him they were married.

The dad had reportedly terrorised his estranged family for most of their lives before carrying out the vile New Year's Eve shooting, in Yarraville, west of Melbourne, Australia, in 2019.

It is understood his daughter Lindita had been attempting to start a new life away from her father when she met her husband Veton.

The couple were shot in the back of their heads on the porch of their family home.

His daughter was dead before she hit the ground and Veton was left fighting for his life until his life support was pulled the following day, MailOnline reports.

The murderer tried to kill himself after shooting his daughter and son-in-law but somehow survived two bullets to the head.

On Tuesday (21 Dec), the court heard Shaptafaj could not accept that his daughter Lindita wanted him out of her life.

The father-of-two allegedly terrorised his daughter, brother and partner for years before the family escaped his terrifying clutches in 2008.

Arben Shaptafaj, Lindita's brother who originally stayed with his dad, told the court that his father had been seeking revenge against his daughter for years.

Shaptafaj believed she had ruined his life.

After he attacked 17-year-old Lindita in 2011, she allegedly swore that she never wanted to see him again and police enforced intervention orders.

Arben claims that it was the first time in a "very long time" that he, his sister and his mother were "a happy family".

Lindita fell in love with Veton and married him nearly a year to the day that they would both lose their lives to her father.

The infatuated couple had just arrived home from celebrating their first anniversary on a three day holiday when Shaptafaj struck.

Shaptafaj brutally shot them from near point-blank range in the back of the head.

Drilon Musai, Veton's older brother, delivered a harrowing victim impact statement in front of his brother's killer.

He said that the death of his brother and "best friend" had left him a shell of a man who was now unable to laugh.

Breaking down in tears, Mr Musai told the court he was forced to plan his brother and sister-in-law's funerals a year after planning their weddings.

Shaptafaj faces life in prison without parole, and Justice Andrew Tinney leading the trial has warned whatever he decides the killer will likely die behind bars.

The killer is due to be sentenced early next year after pleading guilty to the murders.

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