Dad-of-seven beaten by supermarket staff ‘after joke about long checkout line’

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A dad-of-seven claims he was left with concussion after being attacked by supermarket staff for making a joke about the length of the checkout line.

The Californian man was filmed scuffling with staff at a Stater Brothers in San Bernardino on April 20.

John Valencia says the real violence happened in a store closet away from the prying eyes of the public, reports Daily Mail.

He had gone in to buy a coffee but was put off when he had to join the back of a long checkout line and only one cash register open.

John asked the manager to open another but was ignored and when he sarcastically said 'great customer service' he was asked to leave the store.

It was then that the claims the whole situation escalated. He says as he was leaving he was dragged into a store back room and beaten by members of staff.

He recalled: "Other employees came and I can remember it was like they had me on the ground, and I seen them trying to close the door, and I was trying to kick the door open so they wouldn't close it, and they grabbed my legs and pulled them up.

"Two of them started beating on me, then they started kicking my face and stomping on my back and stomping my head while holding me down."

Valencia said the beating stopped when another worker intervened saying: "Let him up, let him up."

He claims the fight left him concussed, with a bump on the head and a split eyebrow.

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In footage caught of the incident, one of the workers can be seen shoving Valencia as his colleagues gathered around, but the rest of the attack took place behind closed doors.

John claims: "At no time was I being aggressive.

"At no time was I being loud, was I threatening him or any way – I was trying to tell him like "you know bro, calm down" – I just asked you to open another lane."

Now he and his wife Meagan Lacey want to hold the staff at the store to account.

She said: "There were so many people in that store and so many employees and so many people that were given the chance to help and nobody did – she was the only one.

"I know that she couldn't have done much physically against all those people, so I'm just thankful that she did record it and that she was willing to share that recording."

According to the Daily Mail, Stater Brothers said they were conducting an internal investigation, and that they were unable to comment further.

San Bernardino Police said they had received a report about the incident but did not say whether an investigation is ongoing.

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