Dad orders ‘UK’s biggest bacon butty’ from Greggs – and it’s an absolute beast

A hungry bloke who created a custom Greggs bacon butty after asking for an eye-watering 51 rashers believes he ordered “the UK’s biggest ever” sarnie.

Bonkers food blogger Craig Harker consumed enough calories for the whole day in the meaty snack he ordered from the Hardwick branch of Greggs in Stockton-on-Tees last month.

A baffled member of staff had to keep piling on the additional bacon until the bun became so big it could only fit in a box originally intended for six doughnuts.

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The 35-year-old dad admitted he couldn’t finish the £16.40 sandwich and had to share the rest with his 28-year-old partner Rochelle Fairley and kids Isla, nine, Oscar, seven, and two-year-old Teddy.

Pub owner Craig said: "I think it's the UK's biggest bacon bun – I know we were hitting some sort of record.

"When she served it to me in the doughnut box, I thought 'I've never seen a bacon butty that size before – that looks incredible'.

"I was just driving past and fancied a Greggs bacon sarnie, so I went in and said 'can I have the biggest you can make me?'

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"I was asking for more and more bacon and she just kept saying 'yes'. When I reached 50 she said 'I think we should stop here. I don't think we've got a box big enough'."

Craig, who shares clips on his TikTok account 'Dad Loves Food' said staff at the local Greggs have become accustomed to his weird food antics.

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He explained: “It's my local Greggs so they're used to me ordering these big wacky meals.

"As soon as I walk in they're like 'what do you want?' They know I'm going to order something a bit different.

"It absolutely destroyed me – I didn't get half way down so I failed miserably, but I took it home to my family and everyone made sandwiches out of it.”

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