Daily Star’s wet lettuce marches on Downing Street demanding Truss’ resignation

The Daily Star lettuce took a stand at the gates of Downing Street today (October 18) to deliver a simple message to Prime Minister Liz Truss – you can not Romaine.

As lacklustre Liz’s vegetable government rolls slowly towards an iceberg of its own making, The Star took it upon itself to say what we’re all thinking: “Hand in your Lettuce of Resignation, Liz!”

And although our emerald emissary was cruelly barred from the gates of No.10, everyone they met agreed that our wet lettuce leader’s salad days were behind her.

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“Maybe a few more weeks,” said Olivia Birch, “I don’t know, for her sake.”

Her mum Melanie gave Truss little hope of making it past, “a second lettuce. Maybe?”

Most people The Star chatted with reckoned you could count the number of lettuce lifespans Lame Duck Liz has left on one hand.

Tom Bradley, 18, agreed that Truss’s time at the top was running short.

“Not very long I don’t think – probably two lettuces?” He told our investigating vegetable.


Things have been going awfully for Truss leading her to sack former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, Batavia realised things got even more embarrassing when his replacement Jeremy Hunt pulled a U-turn on most features of the PM’s mini-budget?

Her government has now reversed its plans to chop the basic rate of income tax from 20% to 19% and has done away with plans that would allow tourists to shop VAT-free in Britain.

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After a tough leadership campaign against former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Truss had far from united the Tory party behind her.

Butterhead start, many felt, was all she needed to get the Conservatives in line and take the fight to Keir Starmer’s Labour.

Yet wet-lettuce Liz just couldn’t plant her roots in Westminster and has since suffered a disastrous start to life in Number 10 which has seen an increasing number of Tory MPs whisper of rebellion.

Meanwhile, early polls have seen Labour surge ahead as more and more parts of her grand plans fall by the wayside, including a promise that energy bills would be frozen for two years.

  • Liz Truss 'sorry' for 'going too far' but says she will outlast Daily Star's lettuce

Speaking to the BBC’s Chris Mason on Monday (October 17), tough-time Truss said: "I recognise that we did act too fast, and that's why I've adjusted what we're doing and I do think it is the mark of an honest politician who does say, yes, I've made a mistake.”

A new poll by Opinium reckoned that the Tories could be in danger of suffering a slump as bad as 1997, when Tony Blair swept into the UK’s top job after years of Tory control.

Opinium reckon that if an election were held today the Torys could potentially lose 219 seats in Westminster, although this data was gathered before many parts of the mini-budget were scrapped and Kwarteng given his marching orders.

The now-infamous Daily Star Liz Truss Lettuce also joined celebrity video messaging website Cameo today.

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Social media – and in fact international press – has been lapping up our live video feed of a freshly bought lettuce going up against Prime Minister Liz Truss, to find out who will last longer.

And due to the popularity of it, the 60p lettuce, which appears to have more of a social life than most people, has now joined Cameo.

Get involved in the Liz v Lettuce showdown by using our customised Daily Star Instagram filter and lettuce make your face

Now you can take on Truss…

The Daily Star has just had its first foray into the world of augmented reality!

We've got a customised Instagram filter which will turn you into a lettuce with goggly eyes – just like our 60p Tesco lettuce battling Liz Truss to see who will last the longest.

With the help of augmented reality creators Everywoah all you have to do is click https://bit.ly/3ELhETd from your mobile

For a small fee of just £13, you can have a personalised message sent to you by the lettuce – provided it's not hiding under a desk, of course.

A portion of the money raised from the message will actually go to the Daily Star's charity of choice, Free The Bears which rescues bears from dangerous captivity and has sanctuaries in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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