Dashcam clip shows toddlers walking into busy road after escaping nursery

Two toddler girls have narrowly escaped serious injuries after they let themselves out of a nursery and strolled into a busy road.

The incident took place near the Okee Dokee Early Learning Centre in Australia's Gold Coast on Thursday afternoon.

Shocking dashcam footage captured by a passing motorist shows the two young children playing on a footpath with no adults supervising nearby.

The driver pulls over into the bike lane as one of the toddler, Skyla, walks to the edge of the path as speeding cars pass by in front of her.

Luckily two schoolgirls walking their dogs spring into action and stop Skyla in time.

They take care of the children until staff from the daycare centre arrive.

The toddlers were said to have escaped through an unlocked gate and wandered onto the street, reported 9News.

Skyla's mum, Amelia Finney, who was at work at the time, said the centre did not inform her of the incident until an hour after her daughter’s close shave.

She said: "They were very apologetic, but I don’t think it’s right they got out and I wasn’t notified."

The terrified mum also praised the schoolgirls' actions for saving her daughter.

She re-watched the footage on social media and has since removed her daughter from the daycare centre.

Amelia told 9News: "I'm very relieved and thankful for these two girls who saved her.

"It was terrifying. Just seeing her on the side of the road by herself – I was nervous."

Okee Dokee Early Learning Centre received a barrel of criticism and was forced to take down its Facebook page.

An Okee Dokee spokeswoman said in a statement an investigation was under way and parents had been notified.

"No harm was brought to any child," she said.

The incident is now being investigated by Australia's Department of Education.

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