Delivery driver claims ‘creepy’ customer pulled knife and said don’t be ‘scared’

A delivery driver has shared the terrifying encounter she had with a delivery to a man who she claims pulled a knife on her.

In a series of clips, TikTok content creator fw.Mackk claimed she received a call from a ‘creepy man’ who declared that there was an issue with his Wendy’s order.

The individual in question said that he meant to select the 'hand it off to me' option, prompting the driver, working for DoorDash, to head to his address.

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However, the employee found herself freaked out when the man told her: "I just want some human contact, I don’t have any friends."

She admitted: "I start trembling. I was about to be like just f**k the DoorDash, I don’t even want to go now, like I’m sketched,” the online star recalled in the video.

Upon arriving at his house, she found the customer standing outside. Instantly feeling threatened, the TikToker asked the man to come to the car as opposed to her approaching his home.

Proceedings then took a dark turn, when he said: “Oh, you don’t have to be scared around me," before pulling out a butterfly knife.

The young woman explained: “He’s standing there laughing, and I’m like, bro, what the f**k?”

Now scared for her safety, she reversed her car, chucked his order out of the window and drove away while the man begged her to return.

The frightened young woman confessed: “I was like, I don’t even give a f**k if I hit another [driver]. I don’t care, I’m getting the f**k out of there.”

Due to the worrying nature of the events, the influencer has warned others to stay safe: "Just be careful. A girl DoorDashing at night by herself just isn’t a smart decision.”

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