Derek Chauvin wife divorce: Who is Kellie Chauvin? Mrs Minnesota ‘doesn’t want a penny’

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Derek Chauvin’s wife Kellie has filed for divorce, according to reports from the US, which show their date of separation three days following George Floyd’s death on May 25. She cited an “irretrievable breakdown” in divorce papers seen by the Daily Mail and has also applied to have her name changed.

Who is Kellie Chauvin?

Kellie Chauvin came to the US as a child refugee from Laos, according to the Daily Mail.

The realtor, 45, was once a radiology technician at Minneapolis’ Hennepin County Medical Center, where authorities pronounced George Floyd dead last month.

The couple met there when Chauvin brought a suspect in for a health check, and they later married on June 12, 2010, in Washington County.


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The divorcee is an ex-pageant winner, having claimed the Mrs Minnesota title in 2018.

As part of her push to claim the award, she revealed the details of her married life to Derek Chauvin.

She told the publication: “Under all that uniform, he’s just a softie.

“He’s such a gentleman. He still opens the door for me, still puts my coat on for me.”

“After my divorce, I had a list of must-haves if I were ever to be in a relationship, and he fit all of them”.

Kellie Chauvin later journeyed to Las Vegas in 2019 to compete at a national level in the pageant.

While she once waxed lyrical about her husband, her opinion has since dramatically shifted.

She was initially quiet in the five days after a video surfaced showing Chauvin saying “I can’t breathe” as he held him in a police chokehold.

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However, last week her lawyer released a statement on her behalf, saying she is “devastated” by what happened.

Amanda Mason-Sekula said: “This evening, I spoke with Kellie Chauvin and her family.

“She is devastated by Mr Floyd’s death and her utmost sympathy lies with his family, with his loved ones and with everyone who is grieving this tragedy.

“While Ms Chauvin has no children from her current marriage, she respectfully requests that her children, her elder parents, and her extended family be given safety and privacy during this difficult time.”

Divorce documents show Kellie Chauvin has not requested alimony from her ex-husband, as she is “self-supporting”.

The document states: “Petitioner is self-supporting, is not in need of spousal maintenance, and waives her right to receive temporary or permanent spousal maintenance from respondent”.

Derek Chauvin was fired from his post, arrested and charged with third-degree murder on May 29, four days after George Floyd died in police custody.

Chauvin, 44, could end up serving a 35-year sentence if convicted on these accusations.

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