Desperate Brits ‘surviving off dog food’ and ‘heating meals with candles’

Desperate Brits that are working "every hour they can" have been reduced to "surviving off dog food" as the cost of living crisis continues to worsen.

Some are even "heating meals with candles" as another horrid turn for the crisis means members of the public are using any source of heat they can to warm up food.

Other heating sources include a "radiator" in one instance, where "pockets of deprivation" are hitting hardest of all, WalesOnline reported.

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Woeful levels of poverty were described by concerned business owner Mark Seed, who said that the cost of living crisis has put people's essentials at risk.

Seed, a volunteer in the community of Trowbridge, Cardiff for 20 years, has spoken of the shocking conditions he has seen some people reduced to.

He said: "We have people who are eating pet food. [There are] people who are trying to heat their food on a radiator or a candle.

"Cardiff is a flourishing city however there are pockets of deprivation which are simply not acceptable."

The volunteer also noted that he had seen an "arc of poverty" from east to west of Cardiff, noting that despite the city's success, the individuals living there were financially struggling.

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One regular of Seed's charitable Trowbridge Pantry, which supplies food in more than 80 neighbourhoods at low prices, said the cost of living crisis was "difficult".

Elizabeth Williams, 54, said: "I usually go without to try to make things better in my house. Even with my son working – and he contributes as well – it's difficult because he has to live as well and he's got needs."

It comes as Daily Star reported a shortage of eggs would be on the cards, with one expert fearing there would be "no eggs by Christmas".

Worries over the state of egg stock comes as "cannibal chickens" are penned in and culled as an outbreak of avian flu rages on.

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