DIA reopens Pikes Peak parking lot for busy weekend

Denver International Airport is preparing for busy days this weekend, with over 75,000 passengers traveling through the Mile High City on both Friday and Sunday.

One of the airport’s solutions to the extra traffic is to temporarily reopen the Pikes Peak shuttle lot from 9 a.m. on Friday until 5 p.m. on Saturday. The lot has been closed due to driver shortages.

Officials at the airport are expecting parking facilities serving the airport to be at or near capacity for the second straight weekend. Travelers were told they should think about finding another way to the airport other than driving and parking, as DIA was packed due to a federal holiday on Monday. Again the airport is telling travelers to seek other forms of transportation when possible, like the RTD A-Line or using rideshare apps.

In a news release, DIA also warned that passengers should arrive inside the airport at least two hours before their boarding time as the airport is expecting longer than usual security lines.

Officials warned that passengers who park in Pikes Peak should account for an extra 45 minutes due to driver shortages.

DIA hopes to permanently reopen the Pikes Peak shuttle lot before the holidays.

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