Diver films grim moment ‘poo’ leaks out of pipes off the coast of Majorca

This is the grim moment poo seemed to leak out of a broken pipe at a popular tourist hotspot in Majorca.

A scuba diver filmed the disturbing clip when he went underwater off the coast of Soller Bay on the Balearic Island in Spain.

The clip allegedly shows faecal matter being discharged through an exposed pipe lying at the bottom of the sea.

Dozens of fish are seen swimming by the murky waters through bubbles of air.

The diver shared the video to a Facebook community group called Mallorca Blue on February 15.

They have tagged the Banyalbufar City Hall and the Town Hall of Soller in the video in a bid to raise the problem.

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According to the group, the pipes belong to a nearby water treatment plant and are directly leaking faecal matter into the ocean.

The group also complained about similar situations on other parts of the island, such as the water purification plant in Estellences and another in Banyalbufar.

Meanwhile, they said that pipes are also leaking waste in Port des Canonge where there is not even a nearby treatment plant.

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The video sparked outrage online, with one viewer commenting: "Oh my God! What year are we in? And those responsible, where are their eyes? In their bum?

"They look after the tourists with money and constantly build and build as they only want to have fun at home or in their pool."

Another said: "Everything is the fault of the politicians failing us.

"There could be so much money from taxing foreign people and businesses, but there is no interest. I have never seen the water so dirty in Palma as it is now."

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