Dog and postwoman become best friends after meeting eight years ago on paper run

Footage of a postwoman greeting a friendly dog who she says is the "best part of my day" has gone viral after charming the socks off viewers.

The mail carrier claimed she has been doing the same delivery round for eight years and has known the adorable border collie the whole time.

In the clip, which she uploaded on Reddit, the driver opens the door and is immediately set upon by the excited pooch who bombards her with licks and head rubs.

Giving his ears a good stroke, the woman makes a fuss of the elderly dog who laps up all the attention.

The collie, who has a greying muzzle, is so relaxed he closes his eyes.

Unsurprisingly, the clip was a huge hit with animal lovers on Reddit, with many saying that the heartwarming moment had cheered them up.

It has been up-voted more than 34,000 times and received hundreds of comments.

"He absolutely loves you. What a good boy," gushed one person.

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A second wrote: "What a special bond for the two of you.

"A dog who shares your heart. And you who has shared his."

Someone else said: "I don’t know how you’d be able to drive away from that face! He’s adorable."

"What a sweet pup," commented another viewer, adding: "He clearly loves you and I'm sure you are one of the best parts of his day too."

The mail carrier, Reddit user u/damnitcortnie, said that while greeting dogs was one of her favourite parts of her job there were some risks.

She carries a bag of dog treats with her to train the dog not to see her as a threat but, despite this, there is a rottweiler that gets aggressive whenever she is near.

The postwoman also agreed with another mail carrier on the forum that chihuahuas are a "nightmare".

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