Donald Trump’s UFO report ‘could show supersmart aliens visit Earth in peace’

The UFO report signed off by US president Donald Trump just before he was replaced by Joe Biden could reveal super-smart aliens are visiting us in peace, an expert has claimed.

Professor Daniel Drezner said so days after the US former director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe revealed the Pentagon files included declassified intelligence of aircraft "that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom".

The international politics expert at Tufts University on Thursday wrote in the Washington Post: "Does this evidence point toward the prospect of extraterrestrial observation of our planet? If so, how should we feel about that?

"I am not going to speculate on the first question beyond noting that if Harvard astrophysicists are making that suggestion about interstellar phenomena, perhaps we need at least to consider the possibility that these UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) might also be extraterrestrial in origin."

He said top scientists including the late professor Stephen Hawking have warned against contacting aliens or of catastrophic consequences for humans if they arrived on Earth.

But said "it might be better for U.S. national security if these UAPs turn out to be ETs" than if they belonged to Russia or China.

He added: "I get the concern from physicists that technologically advanced extraterrestrials might behave as powerful human civilizations have in the past.

"The assumption is that powerful, technologically advanced civilizations will act in a destructive manner.

"That is possible, but perhaps civilizations that reward destructive entrepreneurship are less likely to generate the technological wherewithal for interstellar travel.

"And if those UAPs are ETs, maybe there is more hope for interstellar relations than either scientists or science fiction envision."

Retired police lieutenant turned UFO investigative reporter Tim McMillan said mystery surrounds why the Senate Select Intelligence Committee (SSIC) asked Mr Trump to sign off for the report so urgently.

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The founder of The Debrief new site told the Daily Star: "In terms of what was so urgent for the SSIC to request the report on UFOs is a matter of debate and mystery.

"Reading between the lines, it's seemingly apparent that classified information collected by the U.S. Government has backed up many of the claims of UFO reports, that something truly anomalous is going on."

He said of the report due on June 24: "At most, I'd expect it to provide a broad overview in saying there are a certain number of instances in which airborne objects exhibiting extraordinary capabilities are reported or captured on government sensors. Government is very slow moving and highly bureaucratic.

"You could place crystal clear satellite imagery of a classic 'flying saucer' in front of them, and they'll essentially just dismiss it because that's not supposed to be 'real'."

Leading UK flying saucer investigator Philip Mantle said the report would not "reveal all about alien visitations to Earth" adding "the major governments around the world are as baffled and as puzzled as we civilian UFO researchers are".

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