Dozens of missiles land near US base in Iraq’s Kurdish capital Erbil – VIDEO

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Video aired on Iranian broadcaster Irib News shows dozens of ballistic missiles hitting the city of Erbil, Iraq’s northern Kurdish regional capital. The footage shows the missiles struck in quick succession, causing a large explosion visible from a distance. The sound of the hits reverberated across the city, with additional footage suggesting gunshots were later fired.

Footage taken from a driver on the road shows the missiles hitting caused an orange flare as they struck.

The ballistic missiles are believed to have been launched from outside Iraq.

Kurdish officials reported no casualties in the attack, which took place near Erbil’s international airport complex where US forces are stationed.

The US State Department denounced the “outrageous attack” but confirmed no US soldier was hurt and no damage recorded to US Government facilities.

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No one has claimed the attack so far but the US have floated the suggestion of Iran-aligned armed groups being responsible.

US forces stationed in Erbil have come under attack from rocket and drone attacks in the past but no such action was recorded for several months.

Ballistic missiles were last aimed at US forces in January 2020 in retaliation for the killing of Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.

Al Jazeera reporter Osama Bin Javaid said: “So far there is no official confirmation about these 12 missiles being fired from Iran but what we’re hearing from officials is that an investigation has been ordered to try to figure out where these missiles came from and what was the motive.”

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