‘Dr Death’ to killer cabbie – Brit murderers’ jobs before grisly crimes exposed

Wayne Couzens brought shame on the Metropolitan Police after he raped and murdered Sarah Everard in March of this year.

The killer cop was recently sentenced to life in prison for his stomach-churning crimes.

He had been based in Bromley, South London, from 2018 before he joined the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Unit.

His job as a police officer made his crimes even more revolting – as he used his trusted position to manipulate Sarah who was walking home when Couzens handcuffed her.

Here we take a look at some of the jobs other British killers worked as before being exposed.

Doctor – Harold Shipman

Evil Harold Shipman, aka Doctor Death, is responsible for at least 250 deaths – after abusing his role as a doctor to kill patients.

The sicko injected some victims with a lethal dose of morphine before taking money from their well-earned savings.

He was sentenced for 15 murders at Preston Crown Court at the turn of the century.

But the former doc hanged himself aged 54 in his cell at Wakefield Prison in 2004.

The GP carried out his shock killing spree over a 23-year period.

Baker – Colin Pitchfork

Colin Pitchfork raped and murdered two teenage girls in the 1980s – before walking free last month.

The child rapist was responsible for the horrific deaths of Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, both 15.

Up until his arrest, he was working as a baker at Hampshires Bakery in Leicester.

He became a baker after leaving school before he was later given a life sentence with a minimum of 30 years in 1988.

The 61-year-old was the world’s first killer snared using DNA evidence but was recently freed from jail and placed in a probation hostel.

Taxi Driver – Christopher Halliwell

Swindon cabbie Christopher Halliwell murdered Sian O’Callaghan and Becky Godden-Edwards.

He abducted his victims in his taxi as they tried to make it home after leaving nightclubs.

Like Couzens and Shipman, he used his occupation as a way to commit murder.

Halliwell is now serving a life sentence for the two killings.

And a new book called The New Millenium Serial Killer has suggested Halliwell could be responsible for more deaths.

Cops previously found his secret trophy collection which included 60 items of women’s clothing.

Grave Digger – Peter Sutcliffe

Everyone knows Peter Sutcliffe as The Yorkshire Ripper after he murdered 13 women.

He is one of Britain’s most notorious mass murderers and he died last year aged 74 after testing positive for Covid-19.

Sutcliffe left school at 15 and one of his jobs included being a grave digger in 1964.

He reportedly earned £7 an hour at Bingley Cemetery before later bragging about how he snatched jewellery from dead bodies.

The warped killer even claimed his killing spree was sparked after he heard the “voice of God” while digging a grave.

He said it kickstarted his mission to murder prostitutes.

Delivery Driver – Robert Black

Robert Black worked as a delivery driver before he was convicted of raping and murdering four young girls.

The deprived Scottish killer stalked UK roads looking for victims.

His victims were Susan Maxwell, 11, Caroline Hogg, five, Sarah Harper, 10 and Jennifer Cardy, nine.

Black’s reign of terror finally ended after cops caught him with a bound and gagged six-year-old girl who was barely alive in 1990.

He was serving in Maghaberry prison in Northern Ireland for his crimes but died of heart disease in 2016.

Black was 68 when he took his final breath.

Forklift Driver – Steve Wright

Steve Wright was dubbed the Suffolk Strangler after murdering five women towards the end of 2006.

After leaving school, he worked many jobs including a lorry driver, a barman and a steward on the QE2 ocean liner.

But Wright was earning money as a forklift driver before his arrest.

He has never admitted guilt for his six-week killing spree where he dumped naked bodies in isolated areas of Ipswich, Suffolk.

His victims were Tania Nicol, 19, Gemma Adams, 25, Anneli Alderton, 24, Annette Nicholls, 29 and Paula Clennell, 24.

He is now serving a life sentence at HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire.

Fred West – Ice Cream Van Driver

Fred West hanged himself before he could face trial for killing 12 people.

He committed most of the murders alongside his wife, Rose.

Their home in Gloucester was dubbed the House of Horrors and their victims included their eldest daughter, Heather, 16.

Her body was buried under the family patio.

And her father worked various jobs in his lifetime.

He was first a labourer at a farm before later becoming an ice cream van driver.

Like the killers who came after him, West abused his position to gain access to victims, in his case young teenagers.

His wife Rose remains behind bars serving a life sentence for murdering 10 people.

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