Drones spotted above UK nuclear plant as expert warns of ‘malicious intent’

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    Swarms of drones have been spotted above a UK nuclear facility, a government log revealed.

    Between five and six unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were sighted above the Capenhurst facility in Cheshire and reported to the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) back in 2019, and was the first of two sightings to take place within the space of four days.

    The second was simply recorded as a "report of a drone overflying the site," while a log released earlier revealed an unnamed nuclear plant had been the subject of a "swarm incident" – meaning several drones work together to carry out an operation or attack.

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    These are just three of 11 reports of "unauthorised aerial incursions" above UK nuclear plants between May 2019 and last November.

    Peter Burt, of the Drone Wars UK website, said: "Some of the incidents are probably just cases of careless flying by individual drone operators.

    "But others, if accurate, seem far more malicious in their intent, such as the report of several drones flying over and around the Capenhurst uranium enrichment site in July 2019."

    However, a spokesperson for the CNC stressed that there was no reason for worried Brits to jump to conclusions just yet.

    They said: "To our knowledge, there has been no confirmed malicious use of a drone in relation to the UK’s civil nuclear sites."

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    The news comes as nuclear war threats have been ramping up following Vladimir Putin's threats to the West as the war in Ukraine rages on.

    Strikes in Ukraine have continued to hit besieged nation's major cities, causing civilian casualties and damages to infrastructure including blackouts.

    In Kyiv, the damage is so severe that outages could last more than four hours a day according to the Ukrainian state operator of transmission lines, Ukrenergo.

    Kyiv regional governor Oleksiy Kuleba warned even warned that "more severe and longer shutdowns will be applied in the coming days."

    Putin has been threatening the West with nuclear action for months after countries such as the UK and the US imposed sanctions on Russia, with his infamous mobilisation of 300,000 troops coming with a warning that he would use "any means necessary" to protect his country.

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