Drug dealers filmed posing with axe tucked in trousers and making gun gestures

A video released by police shows a brazen drug dealer posing with an axe hidden in his trousers and making gun gestures with his pals before his arrest.

Mark Ingle, 45, and his pal Antony Cragg, 32, both from Warrington, Cheshire jailed yesterday (Thursday, March 10) for their involvement in a county lines gang that transported drugs from Salford, Greater Manchester. 

The pair was targeted by Cheshire Constabulary as part of their Operation Spartans investigation as officers worked to crackdown on organised crime groups, reported Manchester Evening News.

In a video was released by the force following the sentencing of 14 individuals for their involvement in the Longhaired Luke gang, who brought around 3.5kg of class A drugs onto the streets of Warrington.

Alex Brady, 21, who was given four years and eight months for his involvement in the gang, was seen introducing the video before turning the camera to the pair.

Introducing Ingle and Cragg, Brady says: "Trapping, active, the f***ing mandem. Yes, the fellas."

Brady then turns to Ingle, who is seen wearing a grey Puma tracksuit, and asks: "Show'em… show them what you’ve got."

Ingle pulls up his top, revealing an axe that's been tucked inside his trousers.

He and Cragg both raise their hands and make a gun and peace gesture.

Sentencing, Ingle was imprisoned for two years and eight months in prison while Cragg was handed three years and seven months.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Nicola Wyn Williams said: "Operation Spartans was one of the largest undercover drugs operations ever dealt with by Cheshire Police.

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"CPS worked with the police from an early stage to review the evidence ahead of the arrest of over 40 suspects.

"Of those arrested, decisions were made to charge 40 defendants.

"For all 40 to eventually admit their involvement by their guilty pleas was a huge achievement and a testament to the work done by the prosecution team to build such a strong case."

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