Egyptian policeman killed in Cairo gunbattle with suspected militants: state TV

CAIRO (Reuters) – An Egyptian policeman was killed and three others wounded on Tuesday in an exchange of gunfire with suspected militants near the centre of the capital Cairo, the public prosecutor said in a statement.

Two private television stations broadcast what they called footage of the shooting, which Reuters was not immediately able to verify. The channels and two security sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the gunmen were killed.

“Initial investigations show that the suspects were planning to carry out terrorist acts,” said one of the security sources.

Explosives and weapons were found with the suspects, the security source said.

The public prosecutor ordered an investigation into the shootings.

The exchange took place in the al-Amiyira district, the stations said, asking residents to stay indoors. The Interior Ministry could not be reached for comment, and no more information was immediately available.

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