Elite Russian Naval unit rage at ‘baffling’ loss off 300 men

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Russia’s 155th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade lost some 300 men yesterday in an attack on a Ukrainian military garrison in Pavlivka in the Donetsk region. Surviving members have written a scathing letter blaming “baffling” leadership decisions that led to yet another major loss for President Putin. A letter from the unit to regional leaders in Russia’s Far East reads: “Once again, we were thrown into a baffling offensive by General Muradov and his fellow countryman Akhmedov in order for Muradov to earn bonuses in front of [Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff for the Russian military] and Akhmedov Muradov promised a hero of Russia. As a result, we and the Kamchatka Marines are advancing on Pavlivka. As a result of a ‘carefully’ planned offensive by the ‘great commanders’, we lost about 300 people killed, wounded, and missing in 4 days. 50 percent of the equipment. This is just our team.” The scathing letter continues: “The district command together with [the brigade commander] are hiding this… for fear of accountability. They don’t care about anything other than showing off. They call people meat.”


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