Elle Brooke dons underwear for abs and arms after she’s dubbed ‘Brock Lesnar’

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has donned a skimpy underwear set to showcase her abs and arms progress after she was dubbed "Brock Lesnar".

The undefeated boxer was compared to that of former WWE Champion Lesnar as Brooke showcased her fight progress on her Instagram story.

OnlyFans legend Brooke is in training for her fight against Faith Ordway and it appears she is in a shape equivalent to that of decorated wrestling and UFC veteran Lesnar.

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It is not the first time the boxer has found herself compared to that of The Beast Incarnate, and according to the OnlyFans star, it is not always due to her abs.

Taking to her Instagram story and delighting her hundreds of thousands of followers, Brooke showed off her fight progress and the training she had been undertaking.

Posing for the camera and captioning her story with "60kg" followed by a number of cheat food emojis including burgers, chocolate and chips, Brooke showed off her fight-ready abs.

Others chimed in with praise of the OnlyFans star, with comparisons to Brock Lesnar and one user who was "in love" with her underwear choice.

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Screenshotting her story and posting it to their own, one user praised the OnlyFans star and wrote: "Fair f***ing play to this girl for training her a** off!

"She looks insane! But I'm in love with this incredible underwear! I need this set in my life."

Praise for Brooke comes as she fends off a number of comments on a training video she posted, with many flaming the OnlyFans star ahead of her fight with Ordway.

Captioning her reel with "She isn't ready for these hands…", it would appear Brooke had to fend off a bulk of comments criticisng her training style.

One user wrote: "Hands down all the time, always moving to the left, no pivot in the hips and feet and the reaction time to roll under the hooks just ain't there."

Brooke replied: "Thanks Mike Tyson."

Another commenter said that Ordway's training was looking so good it looked as though Brooke was "boxing in slow-motion compared to her".

OnlyFans star Brooke replied: "Just because someone looks good on the pads doesn't mean they're going to win."

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