Elle Brooke promises ‘craziest year yet’ as she posts New Year pic with pals

Elle Brooke has excited her fans by promising her 'craziest year yet' as she posted a skimpy New Year's picture with her pals.

The OnlyFans star is one of the site's most successful adult performers, and her army of subscribers can't wait to see what 2023 has in store.

The 24-year-old took to Instagram to post a series of images highlighting the significant events that have occurred in her life over the last 12 months.

She opened proceedings with a snap of herself in a bikini alongside her pals Rose Jones and Beth Quinn.

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The porn star proceeded to post a picture of herself alongside friends at a festival, before focusing on her love of sports. While Brooke's hardcore fans know her for her antics in the adult industry, a large amount of people are aware of her presence on the social media scene.

Like many influencers, the Portsmouth girl has crossed over to the world of boxing, winning her first bout earlier this year against AJ Bunker.

Through her conquest into the world of combat sports, she's developed a tight bond with world champion, Ebanie Bridges, an Australian who's made waves by wearing lingerie during her weigh-ins.

And with the help of Brooke, the IBF title holder has started an OnlyFans page of her own.

Brooke also shared an image of herself in Manchester City attire. The performer utilises her love of the side to connect with the club's fanbase. In addition, she posted a video of herself at a shooting range as well as a group shot with her friends.

But, of course, she also featured a snap of her main career path. Brooke's status in the porn scene is growing, and earlier this year, she collaborated on a project with Johny Sins. The social media star included an image of herself alongside the renowned actor, who was wearing a doctor's outfit.

However, while 2022 was eventful for Brooke, she's expecting even bigger things next year. So who knows what's in store next?

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