Elon Musk tells what is needed for ‘humanity to become multi-planet species’

Maverick tech billionaire Elon Musk has sprinkled some of his unique wisdom into the world of interplanetary exploration.

The Tesla owner and founder of space travel company, Space X tweeted his thoughts on how we — the inhabitants of planet Earth — can become leaders in travelling to other plants.

Ironically, a Twitter account called Musk University — which shares “inspirational” quotes from Musk — tweeted Musk's previous words on the issue.

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The quote states: “It is hard to overstate criticality of reusable rockets. No less important than reusable aircraft, cars or bicycles.

“Essential for humanity to become a multi planet species and backup the biosphere.”

And modern-day Musk expanded: “Fully reusable orbital rockets are the fundamental breakthrough needed for humanity to become a multi planet species.”

And it sparked a conversation online.

Many Musk fans appeared to take the idea onboard and were open to it.

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One user wrote: “It never crossed my mind to think about how much this, coupled with probably an extensive yet theoretically 'doable' list of factors, play a huge role in the feat itself and the science/industry that comes behind it.”

And another tweeted: “True. Reusable orbit rockets will help in cost reduction and won't have to extract metals from mother earth, keep eco balance intact.

“It should be a top priority, likes of reusability of cars, other equipment etc.”

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A third posted: “Fully reusable orbital rockets are great and is an essential part of mankind being able to have have bases on the moon and even mars for mining purposes.

“BUT the fact that there are zero habitable planets nearby is what's stopping us from becoming a multi-planet species.”

Musk has aimed to send a manned rocket to Mars for exploration within the decade, although no update has been given on his plans for many months.

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