Elon Musk’s father Errol says the ‘King’ Tesla founder should have 30 children

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Elon Musk's controversial father Errol has said his "King" son should have more kids, before launching into a bizarre rant about monarchies and illegitimate children.

In July, Insider exclusively reported that Elon Musk, 51, had twins in November with colleague Shivon Zilis.

The 36-year-old executive at his brain-computer-interface company, Neuralink, adds two children to Musk's growing brood.

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And 79-year-old Errol Musk sees no reason why his son shouldn't keep adding, perhaps even up to 30, adding that the Tesla CEO "officially" has 10 children as it stands.

Errol said his son "officially" has 10 children, and added: "I can't see any reason why Elon should not have more children.

"The monarchies of the past thought nothing of having children — and they were all illegitimate," he added.

"About 80% of them were illegitimate in Europe, you know — 20 or 30 children. You've got the money and you're a king or something, why shouldn't you?"

Just a few months ago, Musk’s ex-partner Grimes revealed that the pair had secretly welcomed a baby in December 2021.

Now, court documents show that Musk welcomed twins with another woman just weeks before.

Documents unearthed by Business Insider show that the pair filed a petition in April to change the children’s surname to Musk.

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He also had five children with Justine Musk, his first wife, a Canadian author who writes contemporary fantasy novels.

Grimes and Elon started dating in 2018 but in September 2021 they announced that they were “semi-separated”. They have two children together.

It’s not been revealed what type of a relationship Musk and his most recent baby mother have, but in August, Reuters reported that Zilis told colleagues she'd conceived the twins via in vitro fertilization and that she and Elon Musk were not romantically involved.

Speaking on the topic, Errol told Business Insider that he didn't know the details of their relationship but surmised that "they came to an arrangement."

"I can't ask him a question like that, you know. 'How did you do it?'" he said. "I mean, it's rather personal, isn't it?"

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