Europe heatwave forecast: Sweltering 33C ‘subtropical’ plume to bake continent

BBC Weather: Warm temperatures forecast across UK

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Europeans will get a taste of the approaching summer in the coming days, with a heatwave that reports suggest will be quite long lasting. France will experience its first heat wave of the year from next Monday, according to La Chaîne Météo.

In the north of the country, temperatures will exceed 25 degrees.

Further south, these will rise even further, possibly exceeding 30 degrees.

This, the paper reported, will be up to eight degrees above the average in certain areas.

Régis Crépet told the Weather Channel: “The feeling will be very different from what we have known during this spring.”

Temperatures will soar higher still in Spain.

Forecasts show it is very likely they will peak above 33 degrees in some areas over the weekend.

This is most likely in the basins of the Guadiana and Guadalquivir, as well as in the interior of Galicia.

El Mundo reports that Saturday and Sunday will be “stable and sunny”.

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Then, moving into next week, conditions will continue to be “dry and sunny, with higher than normal temperatures”.

It added this is not a sudden change that will last for only a brief while.

Instead, warmer and sunnier conditions are expected to remain over the coming months.

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The paper reported: “Everything points to a change in the weather pattern that will last for the rest of May and June.

“The monthly anomaly maps forecast above-average temperatures for both months in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, with warmer anomalies more prominent in June, which invites us to think about a possible heat wave.”

Rain levels are also expected to stay below average.

Meanwhile, temperatures will also remain high over the coming week, though not quite so much as on the Continent.

On Saturday and Sunday, it is expected temperatures will be around the high-teens/low-20s mark, with Cardiff sticking around 20 degrees.

This will also apply to areas in the Midlands, including Birmingham, on Monday.

While the beginning of the week will bring some low pressures, temperatures are expected to increase as the week goes on, according to the BBC’s Weather for the Week Ahead report.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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