Ex-Pornhub icon Mia Khalifa shares tip for spotting men ‘with teeny tiny d****’

Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa has shared a tip with her Twitter followers on how to spot men with "tiny d****".

The 29-year-old took to the social media platform to register her advice on noticing blokes who are lacking downstairs.

The ex-adult star racked up over 3,000 likes for her advice, in a tweet that said: "Men who invoke women's rights conveniently and performatively have teeny tiny d****," with a white love heart emoji to end the tweet.

Hundreds of retweets and replies were sent to Khalifa, with a handful of users voicing their agreement with her post.

One user said it was "The most accurate tweet I've ever seen," while another replied to Khalifa saying: "I mean that goes without saying."

The model received a fair share of comments after her women's rights tweet, but between that and a flurry of tweets about the new Batman movie, Mia has also praised OnlyFans for their support of Ukraine.

Posting a photo she had taken of the website's logo, Khalifa noted that the logo colours had been changed to match that of the Ukrainian flag.

She wrote: "Was logging in to chat in the DMs, and absolutely love to see OnlyFans standing in solidarity with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters."

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The tweet received nearly 7,000 likes and a handful of solidarity calls from fans of the OnlyFans star.

In a quote tweet that was soon shared out by Khalifa, one wrote: "Confirmed: Mia checks her DMs," while others sent messages of solidarity to Ukraine.

Another wrote: "OnlyFans standing with Ukraine that's dope."

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Daily Star recently reported that Mia Khalifa had been enjoying the sights of England, with Khalifa sharing on Instagram that she might "never come back" to the USA and instead remain in London.

Sharing the comments on her Instagram, she said: "Two more pints and I might never come back."

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