Ex-Russian spy who fell in love with her target says Putin ‘will go to the end’

A former Russian spy who trained on the same military program as Vladimir Putin has warned that the Russian President 'will go to the end' in Ukraine.

Aliia Roza now lives in a £15million California mansion running a multi-million-dollar fashion PR business, but previously had a drastically different lifestyle.

The daughter of a high-ranking Russian military general, Roza was a top spy employed to seduce enemies of her country to gain their secrets.

The 37-year-old even once fell in love with one of her targets.

Now Roza speaks out against the Russian regime and on March 2 – as Putin's troops were marching into Ukraine – she shared lyrics online from John Lennon's Imagine.

“Imagine all the people, livin’ life in peace.”

Roza, who has friends and family in both Ukraine and Russia, admits she is "very worried" about them.

She explained: "I was trained in the same military program as Putin and we learned how to stay calm and cold-blooded in a very stressful situation.

"Mr. Putin always wins; he can’t lose this war and back up, because it will damage his reputation.

"He will go till the end."

Roza also reckons that Putin would have been shocked by the defiance he has faced in Ukraine.

She continued: "Putin's strategy is obvious – don't let NATO place any rockets/weapons in Ukraine and he will do everything to achieve his goal.

"But, he believed that it would be easy, as it was when he sent the Russian army to Kazakhstan due to revolution in January 2021.

"He didn’t expect that Ukrainians would fight back and have support from the whole world."

These days Roza can be seen online rubbing shoulders with celebrities such as Mike Tyson and Paris Hilton, and she's even met Prince Charles.

The fashion PR has previously opened up about what her life used to be like as a femme fatale and why she made the dramatic career change.

She said: "Sometimes when I watch these movies like Red Sparrow I am like 'oh my god, how do they know all these things?'

“In my educational centre, they would teach us how to seduce men, how to psychologically manipulate them, how to get them to talk so we could hand over information to police.

“For my first task, I had to pretend I was a prostitute so I could go to a club and seduce the leader of a criminal gang which was supplying drugs into the country.”

Roza ended up falling for her first target, a man also called Vladimir, when she was just 19-years-old in 2004.

She explained how his gang soon worked out who she really was, with 10 of Vladimir's goons taking her to a forest and beating her up.

However, the crime boss stepped in and saved her. He was later killed by his own men.

She continued: "Vladimir saved me from being killed.

“Before he died, Vladimir gave me contacts in Moscow of people to contact in case anything happened to him, and told me to speak to no one else.

“Police started to track me and his friends hid me for just under a year.

"When things were calm enough I started to live my life, but I knew I could never go back.”

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