Family forced apart by Covid finally celebrate Christmas festivities – in August

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A family forced apart by the pandemic have finally gathered together to celebrate Christmas – with an outdoor summer barbecue.

Caroline and Ben hoped to celebrate the holiday with Ben's Spain-based sister Hannah, but were unable due to Covid restrictions, Devon Live reports.

The Devon clan have finally gathered with their two daughters after months of waiting, marking an unusual Christmas in an unusually typical way.

With a Christmas turkey, tree, Secret Santa, nativity play and even a Christmas quiz, the Totnes family recreated Christmas in their front garden.

In December the family children performed a nativity play for their aunt over Zoom.

They were finally able to reunite last week to celebrate Christmas in person.

Caroline told Devon Live: "It's been a miserable year for so many people.

"This seemed like a brilliant way to cheer us all up.

"The kids were so excited about seeing their aunt after such a long time.

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"She's always with us at Christmas, so we figured we may as well celebrate the big day with her while she's here.

"Who knows what will happen by next Christmas – Covid has taught us to take every opportunity we can."

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