Fearless Aussie fights off giant croc with frying pan – banging its head

A brave Aussie pub owner found a peculiar but effective way to fend off a huge saltwater crocodile with an item from his kitchen.

Footage has emerged of the moment when Goat Island Lodge owner Kai Hansen, also known as 'King Kai', used a frying pan as a weapon to fend off the 2.5 metre reptile

As the crocodile comes running towards him, Hansen whacks it not once but twice on the snout to send the trouble-maker racing back to the water.

'I wouldn't say it's an everyday event, but I've got to stay safe and do what I can,' Mr Hansen told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday.

The rugged outdoorsman said that no one got hurt and the croc got a good lesson.

He added that the confrontation began when the beast became aggressive after wandering too close to the iconic venue.

Arming himself with a heavy-bottom saucepan, King Kai ventured down to the river to make sure the path was safe for visitors.

It's not the first run-in Mr Hansen has had with crocodiles, but its easy to understand why he might feel a little resentful towards them, as his pet dog, Dumb Blonde, was eaten by a three-meter monster on the Adelaide River.

A few months later one ate his pet chicken, after it broke into its coop.

Despite the heartbreak and ongoing dangers posed by the animals, Hansen said he's not scared.

"When you're driving along in a car and all of a sudden a dog is right in front of you, are you scared, no, you just do what you have to do. You just work by instinct."

Reaction from commenters on social media was divided with some cheering on the bravery of Mr Hansen and others claiming he was taking a severe and unnecessary risk.

"That Gator understood the assignment. He was gonna be in that frying pan and that's why he went back to that water," one American joked.

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Another was skeptical of the choice of weapon, warning: 'I have seen the teeth marks on oars that have been used to deter cranky crocs.'

A third called Mr Hansen "out of control" and a "very different unit".

Others said they felt sorry for the croc.

"If you're dumb enough to hang by croc infested lands and something happens… I can hardly blame the croc," one person commented.

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