Fed-up homeowner daubs rude graffiti on pavement in bid to solve dog poo problem

A raging resident has scrawled an explicit message on a pavement to stop people leaving dog poo on the street.

Passers-by on Park Lane in Knypersley have been stunned to find the sweary notice directed at pet owners — with some saying they have had to quickly stop their kids from reading it out loud.

Written in blue chalk, it urges dog owners, in no uncertain terms, to stop leaving dog poo in the street, reports StokeOnTrentLive.

The blunt graffiti reads: "No dog s**t thanks".

Its appearance by the residential road has split opinion, with some saying they agreed with the sentiment but disagreed with the way the way the sender had gone about it.

Gareth Copeland, 44, described shielding his 5-year-old daughter from the tarmac tirade and said:

"There is an issue with dog poo, so I can understand why someone did that. It is definitely a problem.

"That said, I wish they'd not written that as my little girl was trying to read it out. She's five and I had to tell her not to. I think writing 'poo' would have been better.

He reflected that while he had "no idea" who had written it, he was also "not surprised" that it had appeared, as "when you walk out of your drive and see poo every day it's not nice".

The dad added: "I don't think it will encourage people to pick up the poo because if they're selfish enough to not do it, they won't care about something like that"

Frederick Challinor, aged 80, said: "It's not very good English. If I'd seen it before I would have rubbed it off. The majority of people pick up their dog's poo. I don't know if this message will work."

The offending word has now had a line drawn through it to be replaced with the word 'poo', according to local reports.

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