Fire-hit family devastated as boy, 12, tries saving pets killed in horror blaze

A family has had their home destroyed and beloved pets killed in a horror blaze that ripped through their flat.

Firefighters had to stop a 12-year-old boy racing into the inferno as he desperately tried to rescue his dog before his mum burst into tears over their cat.

Dawid, 38, and Magda, 32, Slomczynski and their son Artur, 12, were out at the time of the blaze which was reported to the emergency services by a neighbour.

Fire crews from the Falkirk area in Scotland tackled the devastating flames on Oxgang Road, Grangemouth, at around 12.25pm on Tuesday, Daily Record reports.

Neighbour Toni Coates, 33, watched the scene unfold after arriving home to see smoke coming from her block of flats.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she said: "I saw smoke coming from our building and realised it was coming from the bottom flat.

"There was a man on the phone to the fire brigade, he was trying all the buzzers.

Toni, who initially thought it was a 'small fire', raced inside to shut her flat windows and bang on doors to alert her neighbours.

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But the inferno quickly took hold of the flat.

"As soon as the fire brigade put the Dawid and Magda's door in, the close just filled with thick smoke.

"The windows had gone out at the back with the fire and all the flames were going up the back of the building."

Toni had watched in horror after a neighbour ran in to rescue her cat before fire crews arrived and became 'stuck in her flat' until the flames were extinguished.

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Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire but three pets tragically died.

The Slomczynski family's cat Rambo and dog Kaya perished in the fire, despite firefighters' efforts to save them.

She said: "Dawid had only been out about 15 minutes shopping and their son was at school.

"He turned up about the same time as the fire brigade and tried to run in because of his dog.

"He was just shouting 'my dog is in there, my dog'. The firefighters had to stop him.

"His wife turned up after and was hysterical about the cat.

"The firefighters brought both the animals out and they were limp.

"They took the dog straight out to the back and I believe they were trying to do CPR and they tried giving the cat oxygen.

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"But it was unsuccessful and they lost both their animals. It's heartbreaking, their pets were part of their family."

Toni has also been left heartbroken after one of her own cats, Lilly, died inside her flat due to suspected smoke inhalation.

The mum-of-three's home has been left badly damaged by the smoke, with thick layers of black soot covering carpets and surfaces.

She's now determined to help her neighbours with a fundraiser to get them back on their feet.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Around 12.55 pm on Tuesday, 18 January, 2022, police were called to a report of a fire at a ground floor flat in Oxgang Road, Grangemouth. No one was injured. No suspicious circumstances surrounding the fire."

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