Forgotten ashes’ urn discovered in trashed abandoned property by urban explorers

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An urban exploring couple has shared photos of a “tragically sad” abandoned house where they stumbled across an urn of forgotten ashes.

The two explorers reportedly tried to track down family members of the deceased woman but were met with multiple dead ends.

The sad story and photos were shared by explorers ‘Urbexcr’ who regularly venture into desolate buildings and document their findings.

To protect the anonymity of the buildings they explore, the locations are kept strictly confidential.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Urbexcr said: “On arriving at the house of ashes we could see the place was in a really awful state so didn't expect much when we entered.

“When we made it to the kitchen we instantly saw the ashes sitting alone on the shelf.”

The couple claimed they were “overwhelmed with sadness” and decided to leave the property straight away.

In an attempt to find the lady’s family, the couple tried to get in contact with the local council and crematorium.

“We hoped someone would rescue her and lay her to rest properly,” they said.

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Unfortunately, the pair were not able to find any information about the abandoned ashes as they were told they had to be next of kin.

After leaving the property and uploading the pictures for their followers, the couple continued to debate what they could do to help the lady.

The explorer explained: “As much as we wanted to help and scatter her ashes somewhere beautiful we have to respect that these places and things inside them have a story behind them.

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“It wasn't our place to meddle.”

The property itself was almost completely trashed, with rotting countertops and overturned furniture.

Photos of a past family can eerily be seen littered around the house and framed neatly on broken cupboards.

When the couple did decide to visit the house again they found that the ashes had been removed – but they’re not sure who by.

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“Hopefully someone who loved her gave her the respect she deserved,” the explorer told us.

Reactions flooded in on social media with many trying to figure out how the ashes could have been left behind.

One said: “Such a shame, how could someone just leave her there.

“You should try and track a family member or friend down really. It’s a shame for them to remain there.”

Another said: “How could her family just leave her there? That is just so heartwrenching.”

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