Former UK diplomat outlines strategy Zelensky could adopt to stop Russia invasion

Ukraine: Former UK diplomat outlines strategy Zelensky could use

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Former British Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch suggested that Ukraine might need to make concessions in order to stop the war as a complete defeat for Russia is unlikely. Recognition of Crimea as Russian territory could be a strategy that President Volodymyr Zelensky might use to end the invasion, Lord Darroch predicted and claimed he cannot see how the West can oppose the move as “Ukrainians are ones doing the fighting”. 

Speaking to LBC presenter Andrew Marr,  the British peer said: “Some of the things that have been said have ramped things up beyond a level which I would advise was more sensible.

“I think there are some risks here.

“I mean, somewhere down the track, either there is going to be, but I think this is unlikely, a complete defeat for Russia, or there is going to be some sort of compromise.

“And I think it would be extraordinary if that compromise didn’t involve, however unpleasant and unwelcome this sounds, some sort of concession to Russia.

“On either Crimea or on the eastern regions.”

Referring to Boris Johnson’s speech at the Ukrainian Parliament in which he seems to advise Ukraine to find some kind of compromise with Putin that might be able to end the war, Mr Marr said: “[Boris Johnson] was mocking the idea of there being some kind of territorial [compromise]

“And yet, I would have thought there is no way that Crimea can be taken back without war between NATO and Russia.”

Mr Darroch added: “I’d rather agree with that.

“I am not for a second advocating for surrender of territory, rewarding Russia for the invasion.

“But it can’t be harder line than the Ukrainians are.”

He concluded: “They are the ones doing the fighting.

“And if Zelensky, who has proved to be an extraordinary war leader, decides at some point that he wants a deal and that involves some sort of concession for Russia.


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“I can’t see how the west can say ‘no, you can’t do that”. 

During the speech PM Boris Johnson delivered at the Ukrainian parliament, the Prime Minister said: “No outsider like me can speak lightly about how the conflict could be settled, if only Ukraine would relinquish this or that piece of territory or we find some compromise for Vladimir Putin”.

In the speech, Mr Johnson also stressed that the UK is “proud to be among their friends” and reinforced the idea that the UK “will do everything we can to restore a free sovereign and independent Ukraine”. 

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