France CRISIS: Macron under pressure as protesters ‘totally’ reject President’s reforms

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Paris against Emmanuel Macron over his controversial pension reform plans. Trade unions have called for renewed protests against the French President’s reforms. Footage reveals protestors, some with masks over their faces, holding burning flares in fury at Mr Macron.

There are also people marching, chanting and holding banners.

Yellow Vest protestors can also be seen joining in.

One of the protestors told Ruptly: “There is nothing to negotiate, there is nothing to discuss about this pension reform.

“So for us, it’s a total withdrawal of the reform, no negotiations.”

Mr Macron plans to unify the country’s 42 different retirement schemes into one points-based system.

He claims this would be fairer than the current system.

However, critics have pointed out that it would remove advantageous pensions for a number of jobs.

They say the reforms will force most French people to work longer for smaller payouts.

Edouard Philippe, the French Prime Minister, also sparked anger when he announced a two-year extension of the working period necessary to earn a full pension in December.

In response, public transport workers walked off the job for a month-and-a-half in December and January.

These are France’s biggest strikes in decades and have caused insurmountable disruption for the country.

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Another protestor told Ruptly: “60 percent of the French are against this reform and against a certain number of measures which have been taken before.

“We are under attack from all sides on social justice, in a country that prides itself on its freedom, its fraternity.”

The pension reform bill has now reached the French National Assembly for debate.

Opposition MPs are hoped to derail the bill by tabling a record 41,000 amendments.

Macron’s centrist Republic on the Move (LREM) party aims to get the bill through Parliament before next month’s municipal elections.

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