Fred and Rose West may have 18 more victims – with one buried under UK motorway

Police believe sick serial killer couple Fred and Rose West could have killed 30 people in total – meaning they could be at least 18 more unclaimed victims.

It is known they murdered at least a dozen people between them with Fred having been charged with the murder of 12 people, before taking his own life by suicide before he could stand trial, while Rose was convicted of the murder of 10 people.

But investigators have always believed the pair were responsible for further unsolved murders and disappearances although they have never been properly investigated, Daily Mirror reports.

Rose West’s former solicitor, Leo Goatley, says police thought the couple had other victims but cut the investigation short because it needed "considerable funding".

This week police started digging under a cafe for the body of Mary Bastholm, who was last seen waiting at a bus stop on January 6, 1968.

She is believed to have been offered a lift then killed by the House of Horrors monster.

During questioning Fred alluded to the fact there could be at least 18 other victims.

These include four young women who matched the profile of Fred’s victims and all disappeared during his time living in Glasgow.

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One of these was Margaret McAvoy, who Fred knew when he worked in an ice cream van in the city.

Fred also rented an allotment at the time which he once chillingly told a neighbour at the time was used for “something special”.

Unfortunately, police were never able to investigate the plot as it was paved over in the 1980s for a section of the M8 motorway.

The depraved couple indulged in a known 20-year killing spree – often abducting young girls from the side of the road and then raping and torturing them.

They murdered at least ten girls and buried them at their House of Horrors at 25 Cromwell Street.

The crimes are known to have taken place roughly between 1967 and 1987.

Their last known killing was their daughter Heather in 1987 but police do not have any evidence of any more before their 1994 arrest.

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Following Rose West’s conviction in 1995 the police released vague details of a list of women they have been told about who spent time at Cromwell Street but who they were struggling to trace.

They eventually traced three of the women but the rest remain a mystery.

Former resident Jayne Hamer had been a lodger at their House of Horrors when she was just 17 in 1977.

She said: “Fred felt he should take his daughters before any other man had her.

“I heard one of the children down in the cellar, shouting ‘stop it daddy’.

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“I hoped it wasn’t what I thought it was. I was devastated but I was 17 and had just left home and I knew no one would believe me, so I thought the best option was to move out.”

At the time of the investigation lead detective, Superintendent John Bennett, called in criminal psychologist Paul Britton who chillingly concluded Fred was unlikely to ever stop killing completely.

Rose West’s former solicitor, Leo Goatley, told The Mirror: “It is not the first time Gloucestershire Constabulary have done a big u-turn in this case.

“Back in 1996, they said they thought there were other victims but based on the info there were many other victims and the investigation would carry on but it would have commanded considerable funding and so they drew a line under it after securing the conviction against Rose West.

“I don’t think they ever doubted there were other victims.”

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