‘Gangster’ Putin could take out West’s internet, experts say in chilling warning

Mad Vlad could be set to swipe the West's access to the internet, it has been warned.

Last week Vladimir Putin launched a partial mobilisation, announcing up to 300,000 more troops would be sent to fight in Ukraine while also making thinly-veiled threats directed at the West.

He accused the West of "nuclear blackmail" and said he would use "any means necessary" against those who tried to "subjugate" his nation.

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And now the Russian dictator could be in a position to threaten the West's access to the internet, according to a politician.

On Monday (September 26) it was discovered the Nordstream gas pipeline, in the Baltic Sea, had been blown up, cutting off Russian gas to the rest of Europe.

While it is believed Russia was behind the attack, the Kremlin strongly denied any involvement in it.

But Fianna Fail MEP, Billy Kelleher, isn't so sure and believes this was just the beginning of Russia's attacks on resources fuelling the West.

He recalled a time just before the war in Ukraine began when Russian warships were spotted by a group of Irish fishermen just off the coast of Cork.

He told the Irish Sun: “Ireland is in a unique position in that we are the closest country to mainland Europe [from the US].

"All communications between the US and Europe goes through a series of cables which run very close to the coast of Ireland. What do you think Russian warships were doing in that area earlier this year?

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"It’s likely they were doing a full-blown recce. And after they blew up the Nordstream pipeline we have to be aware that Putin is capable of anything."

"Russia is a rogue, terrorist state and we have to treat it as such," he added. "What if they target those communications cables? The effect it could have on Internet connections and stock markets could be catastrophic. It could cripple the world economy."

There are currently 16 undersea cables running between the US with Ireland, the UK and particularly Western mainland Europe including France and Germany.

According to The Week, fibre-optic cables including those running between the States and Europe are the "backbone" of the World Wide Web we have grown accustomed to using every day, with at least 95% of global communications travelling through these vast cables (the rest travels through satellite).

If Russia were to destroy the cables it would do more than just shut down Meta for a day – with the West now totally reliant on the Internet, it could threaten the economy and livelihoods.

Russian state TV has also reportedly discussed the possibility of attacking underwater British cables.

A security expert told the Mirror aside from a nuclear attack, "another possibility is an attack on the communication cables between the UK and America, many of which are European links to the States.

"Smashing these internet communication links could be very damaging to world financial markets, even though there are satellite links and contingencies."

With Ireland the closest country to the potential site of an attack, Kelleher issued a stark warning.

"Ireland has a very important role to play in all of this because of our closeness to mainland Europe and the cables coming directly from the US," he added.

"But the Irish Defences Forces does not have the military might to protect those cables from Russian aggression.

"We need to monitor the waters and our skies closely as best we can because the Russian war has to capabilities of really expanding and now Putin has threatened the west with nuclear weapons we need to stay very alert."

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