German shepherd’s gentle reaction to cat wanting a cuddle melts hearts

A loving German shepherd dog caught on video having a cuddle with a cat has left viewers feeling smitten.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by the dog's owner @whiskygamin, Whisky the Alsation is lying down on the floor with his front legs stretched out when a white and tabby cat appears on his left.

The cat, called Gamin, saunters over to him and then falls over onto its side and lands perfectly in-between the dog's front paws.

Looking unsurprised at this invasion of personal space, the dog starts to lick the feline's fluffy belly after he rolls over onto his back for a proper cuddle.

The video was uploaded on September 22 and since then has been watched more than 2.8 million times and received 300,000 "likes" and thousands of adoring comments.

One said: "So adorable, obviously not the first time. They look like best buds."

A second user commented: "The cat even knows the best way to make self comfortable."

Someone else noted: "Cats have absolutely no concern or understanding of personal space! Haha."

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A fourth user shared: "My dog and cat used to lay all over each other the minute they see us watching them they jump up and go different directions."

Whisky and Gamin's owner said the pair, both males, were best friends and cuddled "every day", with another viewer correctly guessing it was part of their "normal routine".

In another cute clip, the cat does a roly-poly onto Whisky and then starts to affectionately lick the dog's giant nose.

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This comes after another German shepherd, called Axel, has people practically crying over his gentle reaction to seeing a horse for the first time when it was caught on camera.

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The pet faked a limp in the most over-reacted attempt to stop his owner from taking him to the bathroom.

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